Secret to Preserving Your Lingerie

Opening up your lingerie closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like, says Ann. 

Oftentimes we only get to rearrange our lingerie closet when we are in a better mood, I mean almost everyone is guilty here. As a woman, organizing your lingerie wardrobe gives you a clearer view of your options making it easier to choose the perfect set for the day. Provides an opportunity to rediscover forgotten or neglected pieces in your collection. You might find hidden gems that you haven’t worn in a while, adding variety to your daily choices.

What we forget is if you don’t put it to practice, it can never be something you would want to do during a free time. I have better things to do, that’s the common word.

Yes, life might not be perfect but your lingerie wardrobe can be. I am here to share some tips with you in regards to preserving your lingerie. 

Know Your Lingerie Materials

Different materials have unique characteristics and react differently to environmental factors. It is just as wearing a silky lingerie material during the harmattan weather, it would irritate your skin of course. 

Understanding these properties helps you choose appropriate storage conditions, such as avoiding direct sunlight and selecting storage spaces with controlled humidity levels, to prevent damage or deterioration. Some lingerie materials are very delicate such that they cannot withstand harsh weather due to how fragile the texture is.
We all have this particular cloth we love to wear but we cannot because they are susceptible to pilling, which has affected the smooth texture of the material.

Use Hand Wash or Gentle Cycles

Any lingerie enthusiast would advise you to hand wash your delicates for a gentler touch, minimizing wear and tear on these fragile materials. It is understandable that often when we do our laundry, we are tempted to drop our lingeries for the machine to do justice but this should be avoided at all cost.

Hand washing allows for personalized care based on the specific needs of each lingerie item. Different fabrics may require different attention, and hand washing provides you the flexibility to adjust the cleaning process accordingly.

Maintain Clean and Dry Storage Space

Storing your lingerie in a damp storage space can contribute to the development of unpleasant odors which can also lead to bad hygiene. Moisture in the air  leads to the growth of mold and mildew, especially on delicate fabrics. A clean and dry storage space prevents these fungi from forming, preserving the quality and integrity of lingerie.

Make time to clean your wardrobe like you make sure to clean your mess. A clean and dry storage space prevents lingerie from stretching or warping, preserving their original shape and appearance. Excessive moisture can accelerate color fading, especially in vibrant or dark-colored lingerie. 

Is it just me, or do I have a fellow lingerie lover that feels bad whenever my favorite lingerie has a laundry mistake, for instance a fateful day I washed my favorite white lingerie with a red one. Goodness!! I couldn’t comprehend how I felt that day.

Hang your Lingerie in the Closet

You might be wondering which style of arrangement you should go for between hanging your lingerie in your closet or using a drawer, well both depends on your preference but if your closet is spacious definitely go for a lingerie closet.

Lingerie hung in a closet is readily visible, allowing you to see your entire collection at a glance. This promotes quick and easy access to specific pieces without the need for rummaging or unfolding layers.

Hanging lingerie ensures optimal air circulation around each item, preventing moisture buildup. This helps avoid musty smells and protects delicate fabrics from potential damage.

Organize Your Lingerie in a Drawer

Life is too complicated not to be orderly, says Martha. I will share with you a secret to organizing your lingerie drawer without hesitation. After washing, roll out your drawer and clean thoroughly before use. I like to listen to music with headphones at the loudest volume, with that I am hyper and good to go. Candies or chocolate will keep you active and make the arrangement as easy as anything. 

When lingerie is tightly packed or compressed in a drawer, it can lead to wrinkling, stretching, or distortion of delicate fabrics. Organizing your drawer with ample space between items minimizes the risk of compression, preserving the original shape and structure of your lingerie.

As I said, being organized is sexy to us!! Remember a clean closet is a clean mind. Do well to put it into practice, sit back and watch you attract amazing things to your closet.

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