How to get your wife to wear lingerie

As a man, it is slightly understandable to forget that the term “lingerie” is not fancy to all women, meaning not all women may feel comfortable or interested in wearing lingerie due to a lack of communication between partners, low confidence, and comfort issues, past experiences or trauma, religious influences, and many more. The best way to navigate how to get your wife to wear lingerie is to find out what works best for your partner and how to avoid working on assumptions based on your past experiences with women. 

Stay tuned for tips that will guide you step-by-step on how to get your spouse to wear sexy lingerie.

Lack of communication between partners 

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful and healthy relationship. There should be no room for assumptions about one another’s preferences. Your relationship should be open to discussing her opinion on wearing lingerie before getting her that piece of lingerie. With that, you know what styles, colors, or materials they prefer. 

Communication enables the discussion of any concerns or reservations your partner may have about wearing lingerie. 

Low confidence and comfort issues

There are a myriad of reasons why women struggle with low self-esteem. Low confidence often stems from self-esteem issues, making your partner hesitant to embrace their natural body or try out new things. Therefore encourage and celebrate your partner’s unique body shapes and sizes.

Choose lingerie styles that compliment your partner’s body shape and size to increase their confidence and comfort level around you.

Past experiences or trauma 

Past negative experiences, whether relating to intimacy or body image can create lasting negative memories. Traumatic experiences would subject your partner to being vulnerable and being instilled in fear physically and emotionally. Therefore, you can introduce the idea of wearing lingerie gradually and also be sensitive about it by respecting their boundaries and comfort levels. 

It takes extra effort for one to come out of a traumatic experience, all you need to do is to offer your assistance in every way you can. Therapy sessions are good ideas in this situation.

Religious influence

Religious beliefs often emphasize modesty and cultural expectations regarding your attire especially when it comes to lingerie. The teachings and doctrines of some religions would influence how a lady in particular would dress, and how their sense of guilt and shame are associated with their mode of dressing. 

You need to find a balance that aligns with your values ensuring that neither feels pressured to compromise their deeply held religion. 

Lack of mutual exploration 

This occurs when you have little or no understanding about your partner’s preferences, does she like sexy and erotic lingerie? Or she prefers the traditional lingerie. You want a saucy woman to explore the journey of intimacy without being intimate partners. Introduce new exploration gradually with both partners comfortable and ready to embark on a shared journey of experience.

It doesn’t promise to look rosy as you both try to explore and experience the journey of intimacy together but it gets better with patience as a team.

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