5 Best Places to Shop Lingerie

I am Lilian, a plus size girl who has always struggled to shop lingerie fit for her size due to her body shape and body mass. Oftentimes me and my friend Georgiana would scroll through different  online shopping platforms (Shein, Aliexpress) whenever we get our monthly salary because shopping is therapeutic to us. I guess this applies to every girl too, there is this inward joy that comes with shopping until you realize you’ve gone out of your budget.

 My friend, being a medium sized girl on the other hand, gets to shop online conveniently without having to budge and I wonder what this feels like?  I can barely make an order online without having the fear of wasting my money. If their return policy isn’t a good one then I would have to dash it out. 
Got talking to Georgiana one day as my 23rd birthday is approaching and my  man is planning a vacation for us in Paris ( the city of love). Wonderful right? I couldn’t contain my joy as to what I have done to God to bless me with this loving man. Georgiana, my master planner helped with listing all the clothing and accessories I would need, especially a pair of lingerie. As a plus size girl, the thought of buying a piece of lingerie has never crossed my mind. Probably I didn’t want to look like a clown after all. My girl Georgiana brought an idea, we would try 6 different places to shop for “the perfect lingerie” and yes I was in for it.

1.  In-Store Shopping 

There is a shopping mall located along the downside of my street, I and Georgiana  agreed to meet by 5pm after work to check out their items. This particular store sells mainly female underwear and lingerie and I remembered whispering a silent prayer before entering the store because I don’t want to stress my friend but she’s more optimistic than I am.

 The staff were welcoming at first but on telling them we came to get lingerie for me and not my friend in which they thought, the atmosphere at that time was awkward to me but I chose to ignore it. 

They showed us the varieties of collections they have in store and believe me no single piece would fit a plus-size girl like me. I was surprised because this particular shop has always been the talk of the town when it comes to women’s underwear but I could just find the fit that would enter this big body. The manager begged us to come back in two days. By then they would have varieties for my size. We decided to leave that day and Georgiana being the sweet girl that she is, was trying to make me comfortable by cracking jokes after our experience at the mall.

2.  Online Retailers 

We decided to chat with an online retailer after moments of deliberating and yes she responded so swiftly. One thing about online retailers is that they know the importance of responding to a new message as quickly as they can. Georgiana suggested she do the chatting and I complied, she offered us her catalog and goodness these lingerie were on fire!!!. I was imagining myself in the lingerie on a blissful night in Paris but was interrupted by Georgiana. Would you like to order this color? Surprisingly we got my size and the next thing we did is to pay and hope it fits perfectly when it arrives. 

Guess what, it was extremely tight around my bust and I couldn’t remember breathing. Another bad buy but this time around, I got hope that I would eventually find my perfect size.

3. Specialized boutique 

We have specialized boutiques for different products and lingerie is definitely not an exemption. I didn’t want to lose hope at this point because these are the things a plus-sized girl would face when it comes to finding her perfect style of lingerie. Georgiana has a boutique she patronizes down her street and we decided to check it out. I was glad when the attendant told me I could try it on in their changing room but the max I could go is three. Why not, I would love to try them on. The first two were okay until I decided to take them off and damn the zip was worn out. 

I turned to my friend and asked a silly question, does this mean I would have to pay for these and she smiled. You are not only paying, it is not also useful for you at this point. We ended up paying for what we might trash later on and left the store in disappointment.

4. Lingerie trade-fairs

My vacation is approaching and the only thing left in my box to park is my lingerie. At a point I had to convince myself that I would get my perfect lingerie no matter the situations I have been in. It was on a sunday afternoon after church service, Georgiana and I decided to take ice cream and chill before going home. Beside the ice cream shop was a trade fair going on and it included a lot of women’s clothing. Geogiana made contact with me for us to get it out. Believe me I was wowed with the number of people I saw struggling to get their desired product probably at a discounted price.

 As usual, we came across so much erotic lingerie but all were Georgiana’s sizes and I was wondering why she didn’t bother to get them. We left after having fun. 

5. Online branded lingerie

This has to be my last hope, I whispered to my friend Georgina who encouraged me to be optimistic. We both came across this branded lingerie online and their collections are what I needed for my vacation. We both whispered a prayer before ordering my size because I did see my size. Lord, not what I ordered versus what I got this time around please, because I might just lose it. My branded lingerie arrived and I was so anxious to open the package, called my friend who rushed over to see what we ordered.

Believe me I was speechless, I have never looked so sexy in my entire life that I busted in tears. What!! This is going to make my man’s eyes popped out. I finally got my perfect lingerie and all the road leads to Paris, because I couldn’t keep calm anymore. 

Georgiana whispered “ I hope you will remember you left a friend here while enjoying the goodies with your man.

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